Self-Employed Pub Business Partner

Tudor Rose
Retail agreement


The Tudor Rose is a traditional community pub which is well located on the A1114 in Dunston. There is a captive audience of homes in the surrounding area. Inside the pub you'll find a central bar, which is a main focal point and at either end of you'll find a pool table, darts area with the dining and entertainment opposite. The pub boosts superb outside facilities and has a summer following of guests who visit for the music festivals held here. The trade for drinks sales here is good and growing, and has plenty of scope for someone wanting to develop the food offer in this great business. 

  • Car Park
  • Dining Room 
  • Beer Garden 
  • Entertainment
  • Pub Games
  • Catering Kitchen 
  • Managers Accommodation - 3 beds
  • Private Office
  • Estimated Weekly Sales - £6350
  • Sales % Mix - 95% wet sales 5% food 
  • Retailer % Earnings - 22% weekly sales
  • Security Deposit - £5000
  • Legal Fees - £360 
  • Working Capital Required - £0 nil
  • Total In-goings £5360 

The Opportunity

That idea you’ve always had about running your own pub – always seemed like a distant dream, didn’t it? Bet you never realised it was just a £5k security deposit away (plus legal fees) with a Marston’s retail agreement. Your earnings will be based on a percentage of weekly net turnover and for those of you interested in delivering a food offer, the agreement may include one of our branded food menus.

We’ve been working with this type of agreement for 10+ years now and have invested £3 million in our Retail Agreement pubs over the last year alone. People love them because they allow you to:
  • Be your own boss and work from home, with no commute
  • Live rent-free with no bills except Council Tax
  • Get your personal licence
  • Feel incentivised to grow the business and earn more
  • Access our support teams whenever you need them – from Beer & Quality Technicians to a dedicated Area Manager and Marketing team
  • Give your customers access to the brilliant range of Marston’s beers, wines, spirits and minerals – plenty of it award-winning!
  • All of your stock, including food, is supplied for free by Marston’s, although you will be responsible for managing it once it has been delivered
  • Call on us to cover the cost of repairs, fixtures and fittings
  • Learn all about Business Development Review Planning, Commercial Excellence and more over the first week’s induction training
  • Spend the first two days on the job settling in with full supervision on-site
  • Enjoy close support from the Marston’s team in the weeks after the initial induction training
Things to consider

In addition to the £5k security deposit and legal fees required for this agreement, you will need to cover your own insurance, except building insurance, which we’ll cover. Also, you’ll want to start thinking about your team; taking care of paying them and all other employment matters.

Before we all sign the agreement and see you heading into a whole new life, you’ll just need to show us proof that you’ve had independent financial advice from an accountant and solicitor, as dictated by the Statutory Pub Code. And, of course, obtain your personal licence (which we’ll help with) and complete your induction training.

It’s a five-year commitment, so you have loads of time to build the business and get it performing brilliantly but, if you do want to leave early, there’s always the option of six months’ notice with a ‘break’ clause in the contract.